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You have a lot to offer HCLE:
Your story, Your artifacts, Your time

And we also need funding.

Building a Virtual Museum includes a lot of volunteers.
It also requires skills and talents that are best acquired by people being hired – and paid.
And because computers are involved we incur expenses for things like:
web hosting,
IT support,
professional activities, etc.
This all adds up.
Please help us save the lessons of pioneers who
introduced computers to classrooms and non-formal learning environments.
They taught us a new way to learn
– and in this changing world, the way and the how of learning continues to change.
We can benefit from their work, but only if we save it in a way that we can study it.
We’re hiring experts who will build the digital repository
where we can store your story and your artifacts.
The work will be much easier with your help.
Thank you.

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