HCLE Spring 2018 Progress Report

Welcome to the Spring quarter of 2018 HCLE progress report. Our Founder and Vision Keeper, Liza Loop, has been working for her Northern California neighbors who suffered great losses in the October 2017 fires. This has delayed some of our HCLE work.


We share many of the news items collected below via our outlets (wiki, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and repeat them here for your and our convenience.


Our staff of 1.4 FTEs, volunteers and outside collaborators reached the following milestones in the spring (April through June) of 2018.



  • Our main effort has been the migration of our wiki from its current host, which is closing. This also requires a translation from their proprietary software to another architecture, probably wikimedia.


  • A series of meetings and visits were conducted with Computer History Museum and Internet Archive to make better use of our resources.


  • As part of a regular process we are considering rewording the mission for clarity. We invite your input.



Please pass our news along, especially if you know someone else who will want to contribute money, know-how, artifacts, stories, or connections. Even by glancing at what we’ve done, you’re helping make HCLE happen as you pass along the story. Thank you.


  • Fundraising

    • We are considering a new crowdfunding campaign. A preliminary discussion was held to arrange for higher-quality videos.


  • Collection

    • Liza Loop visited Stanford Library to digitize some of the documents she donated to create the Liza Loop Collection. Stanford digitized them, and made them available online, but our resident process and standards are different. This has been a useful exercise in the need for standard processes.
    • Liza contacted the Collections Manager for the Internet Archive regarding creating a software repository and archive for our Collection’s software artifacts.
    • New tax laws encourage us to investigate changes to donations and their deductibility.


  • Catalog

    • Volunteers and contractors were contacted to improve our Catalog Maintenance System.
      • Several fields would benefit from allowing multiple entries (JSON); e.g. a bibliography of references to a single artifact.
      • Enable searching based on item number.
    • Liza Loop is recruiting volunteers to exercise, test, and document Catalog Maintenance System issues and compatibility across several hardware, operating system, browser, and software combinations.


  • People/Volunteers

    • We continue to evaluate volunteers for a variety of tasks. Two primary resources are VolunteerMatch.com and the Palo Alto JCC Volunteer Center.


  • Collaboration

    • Computer History Museum
      • A high-level meeting with the Computer History Museum has been postponed to August.
      • We congratulate Anthony Cocciolo on his promotion to Dean at Pratt Institute. Anthony coordinated a student effort to digitize several of our artifacts that were stored on magnetic tape, and create an exhibit based on their timeline.


Social Media Traffic Report

1/1/2014 12/31/2017 3/31/2018 6/30/2018
Facebook 59 187 189 189
Twitter 67 543 536 544
WordPress 18 55 55 57
Wikispaces 12 74 74 74


  • Wiki

    • Our use and publication of the HCLE wiki continued, but its proprietary hosting site, wikispaces, decided to close as of July 31, 2018. After a review of the various options we decided to export the wiki to a wikimedia site. We are considering various export algorithms and hosting locations.


  • Operations

      • Planning for the Virtual Museum’s lobby continues with interviews of possible consultants, and improvements to the design document. This work will continue at a lower priority until the wiki migration has been completed.
      • As part of a regular process we are considering rewording the mission for clarity. We invite your input.
        • To capture and present the story of how learning and education has been reimagined influenced by computing and global communication.
        • We preserve, interpret and publish human stories, artifacts and documents related to the intersection of education and computing during the pivotal decades of 1960 to 1990.



About Tom Trimbath

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