SHIFT CTRL -Scholarship made relevant

Insights from our Founder, Liza Loop, about the recent Shift CTRL conference.

History of Computing in Learning and Education Virtual Museum

I decided to attend this conference as a gesture of support for a new HCLE collaborator, Dr. Tom Mullaney, who teaches Science and Technology Studies in the History Department at Stanford University. I was prepared to be bored by dull academic readings of incomprehensible papers. Boy, was I wrong. Every talk was lively and relevant to crucial contemporary issues.


Tom opened the session by illuminating the carbon footprint created by bringing us all together and counting up the monetary cost of producing the conference itself. This was both funny and sobering. He then read a scathingly condescending rejection letter he had received from Stanford’s Computer Science Department in response to his invitation for their participation. Apparently CS suffers from the same prejudices I did when it comes to Humanities scholars looking into the impact of science and engineering on the rest of us. Contrary to the rosy predictions we often…

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