4 thoughts on “LOGO Programming: It’s fascinating but does it change lives? – A 40 year question

  1. Hello Liza Loop,

    That’s the million dollar question. I think you hit the target dead center with this question. This is a serious question. I know a few scholars who have conducted empirical research using OLPC and other learning technologies that have a strong tie to LOGO. However, I am not aware of any serious empirical research that were conducted using LOGO other than Papert’s early work which was showcased in “Mindstorms” and the “Children Machine.” I did a presentation at MIT last year to in honor of the grand seer among us Seymour Papert of course. I presented my research study on using MUVE to promote knowledge transfer. If you’re interested, I can send you a link to access the video.


  2. Yes, Johnny, please send me the link. Does any of your research go back to HCLE’s focus decades (’60s, ’70s, ’80s)? We’re always looking to expand the collection and include others’ work.

  3. Programs that have been in use for decades are prime examples of the opportunities for longitudinal studies. Which other EdTech elements can provide such insights? Sounds like each could be a PhD dissertation, another opportunity.

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