HCLE Writing Competition – October 2014

The History of Computing in Learning and Education

– the Writing Competition

Mission: To preserve and interpret documents, artifacts and stories relating to the history of computing in learning and education; to make them accessible and usable by educational and computer leaders, historians, practitioners and the public.


We want you to participate in our big project. Education transformed between 1960 and 1990. Computers entered classrooms and our lives. What had to be learned, and how it was learned, changed for the educators and the students of all ages.

Careers were risked as the early advocates of incorporating technology and education fought convention and ignorance. These pioneers frequently began their endeavors alone, eventually meeting up with others to find new ways and subjects to teach.

Unfortunately, few of the pioneers were ever given the credit they are due. Here’s where you come in. You are invited to pick a pioneer, or even a significant brand, then research enough of their work to write about and properly applaud them.

If your story is good enough, we’ll include it on HCLE’s wiki and on iae-pedia and then in the Virtual Museum when launched. The better the story, the more likely it will spread the word (and your good name) through our social media channels. And if it is the best, you’ll be awarded $200.

HCLE exists to acknowledge the pioneers, preserve their insights, and improve the continuing debate over how to make sure technology improves the educational experience. Your writing can help us all.



    • deadline: December 31, 2014 (11:59pm US West Coast)
    • word count: ideally around 1,000 words, but there are no limitations
    • topic: list of suggested Pioneers (feel free to nominate others, autobiographies enthusiastically welcomed): http://hcle.wikispaces.com/Ed_Tech_Pioneers
    • references: Include your sources, partly so we can acknowledge them, partly because researchers may use your work. (unlimited, not included in the 1,000 word essay)
    • style: Content is more important than literary merit, and the best has both.
    • rights: CCby – author retains ownership. HCLE will have rights for use on the web site, and in any communications, advertisements, and fundraising literature. (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/)
  • edits: HCLE reserves the right to edit for format, brevity, and referencing
  • criteria:
    • their story (What did they do? How many did it reach? etc.)
    • your style (Be creative and clear.)
    • references (Researchers will want to follow through.)
    • initial obscurity of pioneer (Uncovering a gem is worth a lot.)
  • award date: January 31, 2015



HCLE: http://hcle.wikispaces.com/home

iae-pedia: http://iae-pedia.org/


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