Guest Post by Joanna Goode: On CS for Each

Bravo. Although I would call this Computer Literacy, not Computer Science, it is just what we need to demystify computing, lead students to understand and take control of computing resources in their communities and introduce professional career ladders in CS. Drag and drop user interfaces are a long way from programming in assembly languages but they do promote problem solving and systems thinking. The described activities will give students the concept of “garbage in – garbage out”. That’s fundamental for 21st century citizenship.
Where can we link to lesson plans and examples of this kind of activities?

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I wrote a blog post recently about Joanna Goode promoting the goal of “CS for Each.”  Several commenters asked for more details.  I asked Joanna, and she wrote me this lovely, detailed explanation.  I share it here with her permission — thanks, Joanna!

To answer, we as CS educators want to purposefully design learning activities that build off of students’ local knowledge to teach particular computer science concepts or practices. Allowing for students to integrate their own cultural knowledge and social interests into their academic computational artifacts deepens learning and allows for students to develop personal relationships  with computing. More specifically, computer science courses lend themselves well for project-based learning, a more open-ended performance assessment that encourages student discretion in the design and implementation of a specified culminating project. Allowing students to use a graphical programming environment to create a Public Service Announcement of a topic of their choice, for example, is…

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