How to Create a Digital Exhibit

Our friends at University of Central Florida have used the “Omeka” open source software to create a useful site on Florida history. HCLE could do something similar. Please take a look and let us know whether you think this would be a good avenue for us to pursue. The reblog below assumes you want to add to the RICHES exhibits about Florida. We would have a section of HCLE that let you add your story to ours.

We have experimented a little with Omeka already, at HCLE Visual Catalog. ( We are looking for a volunteer/intern who could really dig into this project and develop it as the RICHES folks have done.

UCF History

So, you have probably browsed through the RICHES MOSAIC Interface and thought to yourself….”hmm, I wonder if this cutting-edge, easily accessible and FREE tool can be used to create a digital exhibit?”

Well, no need to ponder any longer! The answer is YES! Keep reading and we will tell you how!


What are exhibits in RICHES Mosaic Interface and why should you make one?

RICHES Mosaic Interface exhibits are narratives that explain the historical context and relationships of a set of digital artifacts. This narrative will be written from your point-of-view and showcase your interpretation of the historical significance of the images, documents, or other digital items in your exhibit. YES- you read it correctly! HISTORY. Interpreted. From your viewpoint!


Example Exhibit form

If you would like to create an exhibit for RICHES, the first thing you should do is explore our exhibits to get…

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