HCLE Writing Competition – The First Awards

We invited you to participate in our big project and you showed up. Thank you.

We’ve just completed our first writing competition. Few of education’s pioneers were given the honors they deserve. Our Story Project and your work help.

We were only going to announce one winner, but we decided to announce two: one is a new contributor and the other is a much-appreciated volunteer.

Jane Wilson’s story about herself has now been added to our wiki. Right Brained Computer Teacher

Delia Caban’s story about Sandy Wagner joins many other stories that she’s edited for our Ed Tech Pioneers page.

There are many more stories out there. Each of us who learned about or with computers anytime between 1960 and 1990 met someone who was a pioneer, whether they worked at integrating one computer into one classroom, or founded a company or organization that championed the change.

We haven’t decided when the next competition will be held. In the meantime, you are welcomed and encouraged to pass along the stories that helped define the era when we learned a new way to learn.


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