HCLE Pioneer – Joyce Hakansson

Educational Pioneers took on many roles. They saw needs and filled them, usually without regard to conventional teaching practices or even career choices. Their contributions are each so varied that they make for interesting stories.

Joyce Hakansson is a good example. As a Pioneer she did more than just bring a box into a room. She used a computer van to reach underserved places. Children’s Television Workshop, the place known for Sesame Street, was introduced to computers and networks because of her. From there, she started a software company, which didn’t just produce a program. Instead, it produced dozens. She mined her experience to pass along insights such as, Lessons Learned from Kids: One Developer’s Point of View,”in Human Computer Interface Design”. There was always more work to do, and she proves it by continuing to work with as an educational technology and accessibility consultant.

It is easy to see the Pioneers as school teachers who managed to get administration officials to let a computer or two into the building. But, the Pioneers that had the passion to clear that first hurdle ended up with momentum that carried their efforts further.

We encourage researchers to use what we’re collecting to make better decisions today based on work already accomplished years ago. And, we encourage everyone to get to know these Pioneers like Joyce so we can appreciate what they’ve done. Besides, they have lots of stories to tell.

Go to our wiki for more information about Joyce Hakansson, and other pioneers too.


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