HCLE Writing Competition – January 2014

We have a lot of work to do, and you may be able to help, and your work may win an award.

The HCLE (History of Computing in Learning and Education) Virtual Museum is coming alive. 2013 was a year of building a foundation and framework where we’ll store the digitized documents, software, and stories from the pioneering age when computers met classrooms. In 2014 we’re filling the shelves. We’re asking for your help with the stories.

Thanks to Stanford, Internet Archive, and other collaborators we’ve arranged for some excellent support for archiving the documents and software. Automation and existing archives enable efficient and effective storage. But, the stories are harder to collect and store.

We need to collect biographies, anecdotes, and references that describe the educational pioneers and their work. This is a job for people, not machines.

Anyone is welcome to submit stories to our “digital loading dock” which is our wiki, but we decided to provide an extra incentive. The writer who submits the best Pioneer’s story before the deadline will be awarded $200. It and the other top entries will be publicized via our wiki, blog, facebook, and twitter accounts. All of the entries that are chosen to be incorporated into our story database will be available to the public and researchers.

Our goal is to acknowledge the contributions of overlooked educators – and to connect the people, their stories, their lessons, with the documents and software archives into a research resource that will help future educators better understand how to adapt to technological change in the future. The computer’s entrance into the classroom was a major step in the shift from education centered on the instructor to education centered on the student. There are lessons to extract from the experiences of the pioneers.

Help us collect those stories, to help future educators and students.

Here’s a link to the details and hopefully answers to any of your questions.

Good luck.


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