Archives To Connect – Eldon Berg

What have you stored, collected, and privately archived? Much of the pioneering work that invented ways to include computers and computing in the classroom was inspired by necessity. Little of it was documented, and most of those documents were printed on non-archival material.

We’re happy to find someone who has saved the work they did in the early computer era, and especially pleased when they’ve digitized and uploaded their collection. Eldon Berg has done that with his work. In particular, his Periodical Guide for Computerists contains lists of articles organized by topic and publication, and includes titles and page numbers. That may seem dry, but such a reference is wonderfully valuable to anyone researching the then state-of-the-art. The files are even searchable, so terms like BASIC can be queried.

The entry of computers into the classroom means educators everywhere had to find new ways to teach. Newsletters, support groups, even informal correspondence chronicled some of the work. Eldon Berg’s periodical isn’t limited to education, but by putting it online he enables researchers to access the pieces they need.

Eldon Berg is not alone. Many such personal archives exist. One of HCLE’s tasks is to connect with them to create a scholarly foundation of information that extends beyond the reach of any one archive. There will be a lot of reformatting, but the value is worth it.

If you have such a storehouse, collection, or archive and want to be included, send us a note. We’re glad we found Eldon. We look forward to finding you.


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