HCLE Pioneer – Bob Albrecht

HCLE wants to do what we can to honor the people who pioneered the use of computing in learning and education. Our wiki has an expanding list, and within each entry we intend to expand their stories. We’ve only just begun, and we invite you to participate.

Bob Albrecht helped start People’s Computer Company:
It happened on a nice day in the summer of 1972, probably while enjoying drinking beer with friends at Pete’s Harbor. An idea: Wouldn’t it be nice to start a periodical about personal access to computers for learners, teachers, anyone? As the beer dwindled, the idea grew.

wrote or coauthored 30+ books, including many beginner’s books about Basic

It is people like Bob that we hope to learn from, and to bring to light for those who haven’t been aware of what it took to introduce computers and computing to classrooms and students.

Bob’s an extraordinary example because he actually documented and published his insights. Thousands more tackled similar issues, but didn’t create companies, or write newsletters, articles, and books. We at least have Bob’s lessons, and even his newsletter’s motto:
Computers are mostly
used against people instead of for people
used to control people instead of to free them.
Time to change all of that.

Check out the image of the newsletter’s cover. We have it over on our wiki.

Bob’s work continues and has evolved, but the themes of making computers meet the needs of people. What’s not to like about a work called, “Play Together, Learn Together”?

We’re glad to see such people in the world, and thank them for their efforts.

Want more? Head over to our wiki. That’s what it is there for. Got something to add? Good. That’s why we made it a wiki.


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