Home Brew Reunion 2013

Do you know Home Brew? Not the beer, but the computer club that helped midwife Apple Computer. The Home Brew Computer Club convened again, this time as a reunion of its early attendees. Three of them now represent HCLE: Liza Loop, Founder of LO*OP Center and HCLE; Dick Karpinski, LO*OP Center Board Member; and Bruce Damer, LO*OP Center’s newest board member.

Homebrew always had a “sharing” session after the speaker and then an unstructured time for folks to corner those with similar projects and interests. During a share session in 1976 Liza first announced that LO*OP Center would be taking computers into schools and wanted Homebrewers to help. After that share, Steve Wozniak introduced himself to her and chatted about the possibilities for his new creation, the Apple Computer which he was building specifically as an educational tool. A few months later he trekked up north from Silicon Valley to a Sonoma County Computer Club meeting at LO*OP Center to donate the first Apple to LO*OP so it could go to school too.
Liza still has that computer, Apple 1 and still works hard at improving education, with or without computers. They are a tool, not a panacea.

At this Homebrew Reunion share session Liza announced the History of Computing in Learning and Education project with a similar positive reception. About 20 attendees have expressed interest in volunteering to make sure HCLE is a success. Send her a note if you want to help, too.

Here’s CNET’s article about the event. They even have a photo of Dick Karpinski (far to the left) http://news.cnet.com/2300-10797_3-10018921-11.html and Bruce Damer (in the baseball cap) http://news.cnet.com/2300-10797_3-10018921-6.html. Somehow they missed Liza. Did you get a photo of her?


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