Reblog – Kindred Voices from other Corners

We at HCLE feel the urgency to save the early years of our collective digital heritage. We are concentrating on Learning and Education. Others are covering the rest, with complementary overlapping. Here’s a voice from the University of Central Florida which was inspired by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and reported via the Library of Congress (NDSA – Digital Preservation). It is nice to know we are not the only ones working on these issues.

Meghan Vance, a Public History graduate student at the University of Central Florida wrote the following guest blog for the Library of Congress

Engaging Communities to Preserve: The History Harvest as a Collaboration Model for Digital Preservation

“But the History Harvest left a lingering question in my mind: How can all historical organizations (from a house museum to a volunteer-based historical society) digitize their artifacts and archives for public use and preservation? Thus began my internship with E-Z Photo Scan. They took me under their wing and taught me a plethora of information about digital preservation.”

She writes nicely what we have on our minds at HCLE.

“Often, the two biggest challenges that small organizations face are lack of manpower and money. Through collaboration with private businesses, universities, libraries and other data management companies, small organizations can conduct local events to crowd-source the digitization and digital preservation efforts.”


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