Database Implementation Volunteers Needed

By Liza Loop

At this moment in HCLE’s development getting our Catalog and Digital Repository running on the Web is our highest priority. We are looking for a few volunteers with the expertise to do this and a willingness to work together. This would be a fine project for advanced students.

The database (HCLE Catalog) is currently on my laptop in Access (actually, Excel but I can read it in Access and that’s what the forms are written in). Because I was not sure how to break up the information I have created a single table with 95 fields. There are about 100 records entered so far. I expect we will have 100,000 by the time we are fully operational in about 3 years. The system should be able to scale to one million records.

There are two folders (directories) with digital files in them, one for images and one for text. The catalog points to these. My intent is that all the museum/archive content will reside in these two repositories and be accessed by the catalog. When someone creates an exhibit they will use the catalog to find the items and then put them together as a web page. The source code for that page then becomes another digital item in the catalog. (Oh. I guess we may need an additional folder for executable code files. I don’t know whether three separate folders are better than a single large one.)

We will need a hosting site. I do have several servers in storage but I don’t plan to actually use them. This is my retirement job and I want to outsource as much as possible. I’ve managed a small server farm and it’s a total pain. Perhaps a large, stable corporation (Oracle, for example) would like to support us by hosting. I’ve had free wiki sites disappear during tough economic times so I’m shy of start-ups that could really benefit from the publicity but may not survive.
Please reply to this post or contact either our Project Director ( or myself ( if you would like to help us out. Please don’t volunteer anyone else! If you know someone who might be interested get him/her to contact us directly.


I’ll post other volunteer opportunities on the wiki (jump to wiki) so don’t feel rejected if you’re not a database maven. Many thanks in advance


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